List of Endemic Taxa of South-East Europe (SEE)

List of Endemic Taxa of SEE is database about endemic species whose classical localities are found in the area of SEE. At the moment, the list includes endemic species from several groups of terrestrial organisms:

  • vascular plants,
  • mammals,
  • amphibians,
  • reptiles, and
  • beetles (Coleoptera).

Information about species include currently accepted name, its systematic affiliation (family level), and info about first record: locus classicus, original author, original name, date and reference.

Other data include author(s) of the accepted name, reference in which the name was accepted, and global distribution of taxon.

Whenever possible, classic locality was georeferenced.

Geopolitically, data cover SEE region.

Brochure about endemism in South-East Europe can be downloaded from this link.

Maps of classic localities of endemic species in SEE.

Endemic – native to, and restricted to, a particular geographical region. Highly endemic species, those with very restricted ranges of natural habitats, are especially vulnerable to extinction if their natural habitat is eliminated or significantly disturbed (IUCN).

List of Endemic Taxa of SEE can be searched in two ways:

  • by simply entering the name or part of the name of taxon in the search form, or
  • browsing the checklist of endemic species.